Knisbacher Law – Sexual Harassment

Employers are required by law to create a workplace that allows employees to work without illegal interference from their co-workers, from their bosses, or from customers.  Unwanted touching, Taunting, race-baiting, name-calling, hostile staring or use of offensive words is prohibited by law.  Employers are required to provide a workplace that is free from sexual innuendo, comments and jokes that are offensive to other employees.  The law prohibits supervisors or co-workers from demanding sexual favors from other employees.  The employer is required to monitor the workplace and to train employees.  Employees should be able to work without interference based on their gender, their age, their race, their disability, or their sexual orientation.  Employees should be free to file complaints about harassment without fear of retaliation from their employers.

Published by Alden Knisbacher

I am an attorney who has represented California employees for the past 15 years. I currently have an office in San Francisco's financial district.