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Knisbacher Law Offices has been serving California residents for over 20 years. We believe that law is a public service, and that each client, no matter their background, deserves high quality representation. We represent individuals and small businesses in general litigation, and employment law in all California state and federal courts, in administrative forums, and before the immigrationContinue reading “Knisbacher Law”

Knisbacher Law – Discrimination (Race, Gender, Age)

California employers with five or more employees are required to treat all employees equally regardless of the employee’s race, sex, sexual orientation, age, or disability.  Employers may not discriminate in terms of rates of pay, types of jobs, promotions, or benefits. All employees must be afforded the same opportunities for advancement and bonuses.  Employers must also use “neutral criteria”Continue reading “Knisbacher Law – Discrimination (Race, Gender, Age)”

Knisbacher Law – Disability Discrimination

Employers are required to help their injured or handicapped employees return to or remain at work. Employers are required to work with injured employees to help them perform their job or return to work after being injured.  Employers must provide “reasonable accommodation”  to injured and disabled employees.  The type of accommodation that is considered reasonable depends on your jobContinue reading “Knisbacher Law – Disability Discrimination”

Knisbacher Law – Permiso Legal de Residencia Permanente para Profesionales

Visas de Estado de No -inmigrante para Profesionales Las Oficinas Legales de Knisbacher ayudan a clientes a obtener visas de no inmigrante basadas en el siguiente empleo : • Visas para Trabajadores de Ocupación de Especialidad s ( H1 -B ) permiten a empresas el empleo de trabajadores profesionales. Para calificar para esta visa ,Continue reading “Knisbacher Law – Permiso Legal de Residencia Permanente para Profesionales”

Knisbacher Law – Employment Visas

Lawful Permanent Residency Status for Professionals Knisbacher Law Offices helps non-immigrant foreign nationals obtain lawful permanent residence status by classifying them in some of the following categories: Persons of extraordinary ability International executives and managers Persons whose entry into the United States will be in the National Interest of the U.S. Professional and/or Skilled Workers inContinue reading “Knisbacher Law – Employment Visas”

Knisbacher Law – Wage and Hour Laws

Knisbacher Law Offices represents clients in individual and class actions regarding wage and hour matters, including wage theft, missed lunch breaks, off-the-clock work, mis-classification of employees as salaried, failure to pay overtime wages, and similar matters. Lunch Breaks: Employers are required to provide hourly employees with a 30 minutes off-the-clock for lunch.   Employees mustContinue reading “Knisbacher Law – Wage and Hour Laws”

Knisbacher Law – Sexual Harassment

Employers are required by law to create a workplace that allows employees to work without illegal interference from their co-workers, from their bosses, or from customers.  Unwanted touching, Taunting, race-baiting, name-calling, hostile staring or use of offensive words is prohibited by law.  Employers are required to provide a workplace that is free from sexual innuendo, comments andContinue reading “Knisbacher Law – Sexual Harassment”

Knisbacher Law – Litigation

Knisbacher Law Offices represents individuals and small businesses in state and federal courts throughout California. Representative cases include class actions, constitutional issues, probate litigation, unfair business practices, commercial tenancy disputes, and breach of business contracts. We have been litigating cases at reasonable cost with proven results since 1994.


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